Using Targeted Referrals to Hire by Values

Let’s look at corporate values and how targeted referrals support the hiring of people who fit the team.

What are Values?

When we speak of “Values” we are referring to core beliefs and moral principles that guide how we behave. Individuals are guided by their own values and companies usually look to hire people who fit those shared values as they create their unique culture. For example, a company may appreciate and “value” people who are accountable, passionate, creative, caring or even fun

To illustrate the role values play, it’s fairly obvious that a company prioritising creativity will benefit from hiring individuals who also value this trait. When a business hires based on shared values, the organisational culture naturally encourages similar ideas and behaviours. Assuming all other factors are equal, and if creativity is crucial to the company’s success, the business is likely to flourish.

Benefits of Hiring by Values

Let’s explore some of the positive impacts that come from hiring people who share the values of the company: 

  1. Cultural Harmony: Recruiting talent that fits with your company values ensures everyone’s on the same page. The healthy culture that comes from this is critical for a smooth-running work environment. 
  2. Employee Buy-In: When values align, your team isn’t just clocking in for a pay check. They’re engaged and committed, giving your business an edge. 
  3. Less Churn: Keeping the revolving door at bay is easier when your hires feel a personal connection to what the company stands for. Less turnover equals less headache. 
  4. Results, Results, Results: Aligning company and employee values sets the stage for motivated, focused work. That normally translates into hitting targets and achieving goals. 
  5. Team Cohesion: A united front is a successful front. Shared values equal better teamwork, making everyone’s job easier and more effective. 
  6. Brand Ambassadors: Employees who get what you’re about will naturally champion your brand, setting the stage for stronger customer relationships. 
  7. Above-Board Behaviour: When everyone’s playing by the same rulebook, you can trust that ethical lines won’t get crossed and toxicity gets self-policed. 
  8. Strategic Synergy: Value-aligned hires instinctively grasp your company’s big-picture objectives, making it easier to pivot and adapt in a dynamic market. 
  9. Hiring Efficiency: New hires who share your values will not only get hired faster, but also get up to speed quicker, cutting down on recruitment, onboarding and training. 
  10. Innovation Unleashed: A work environment humming with shared values is ripe for innovation. It creates the trust and openness needed for groundbreaking ideas to emerge. 

Targeting Values

One could argue that skills and experience can be coached, whereas values and culture are intrinsic and more enduring. HR and business leaders know very well that recruiting for values isn’t just a “nice-to-have” – it’s a game-changer that can supercharge operations, bolster your brand, and position your team for long-term success through a strong sense of shared culture.  

While employee referrals tend to align naturally around shared values, by leveraging the team and targeting referrals at scale recruiters can not only identify skills and experience that will benefit the business, but also screen for people with a strong “fit” to the culture. This can be vital when talent pooling for “business-critical” hires and makes a huge difference to the speed of the hire through candidate and interviewer buy-in. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


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