When Your Recruiter Leaves


Your Talent IP Goes With Them.

Just like any other people recruiters change jobs and company all the time. TA leaders need to be prepared for that inevitability and here are just 3 important reasons why:

1. Continuity

When the owner of a recruiting project leaves then more often than not the momentum gets lost. If your talent IP is stored on a spreadsheet or project folder it may just be forgotten. What a waste. If the incoming recruiter has to pick up the pieces and build from scratch every time, this is the definition of madness. It certainly does not suggest much strategic planning from the TA leadership and the risk of losing momentum with direct sourcing or employee referral programs is enormous. 

It is unfair to the incoming recruiter to expect them to rebuild and if you expect them to, they face a significant amount of lost continuity, productivity, and potentially morale. (The same is true for when a valuable, collaborative employee leaves: the information and “IP” they can provide to the talent team goes with them. Again, a wasted opportunity.)

2. Credibility

What is more frustrating is that for the team – other employees – they absolutely hate having to provide an “assist” to the new recruiter who comes in to rebuild. They’ve already done it with the last one and they just want to get on with their jobs. To the rest of the company the TA team looks disorganised: because they are. It depends on the culture of course, and while nice employees may meet the new recruiter once or twice out of courtesy (or because their boss requested), it’s unlikely they will remain highly collaborative allies to the recruiting team.

3. Security

Taking private information is illegal. If your candidate mapping or employee referral tracking is sitting in a spreadsheet that can be easily copied and taken away by a disgruntled employee, you are putting yourself at risk. It’s that simple. Otherwise there is not much that can be done to protect the relationships a good recruiter will have with the great candidates they have been meeting, but you need to be sure that they can easily be identified by the incoming recruiters. (Back to point #1: if you are tracking this in spreadsheets, project folders, or in an ATS that only the recruiters see, you need better ideas.)

These just 3 reasons are worth considering and we could go on.

Whether used in a direct sourcing strategy or employee referral program, Referable AI enables talent acquisition leaders to secure their talent IP, maintain productivity and credibility that enables collaboration around talent. hello(at)referable.ai

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