With Referable, No-One Gets Left Behind

This morning a hiring manager found a referral with Referable that both he and his recruiting team had completely missed. With Referable the goal is that no-one gets left behind, so let me share some examples of how that works in practice. Humble beginnings these may be…

Sales Manager, Tech Vendor

This week I shared a short list of 10 prospects with a hiring manager who is urgently looking for sales reps to join their growing team. Obviously if he cannot hire enough reps, the chances of achieving his sales target go down and life gets stressful. 

I am told that the client is not using agency recruiters, so everything comes down to collaboration between the recruiting team and company staff. That said, this manager did ask for support if I can provide it.

I went into Referable and quickly sent 98 prospects with the skills he is looking for (manufacturing industry sales experience) to the long lists of various employees. I identified 10 people that the hiring manager himself may know from his time at a previous company. 

I then shared that shortlist with him for feedback. 

The Results

It took less than a minute for this hiring manager to complete his part in the process of identifying the talent. 

Of the 10 prospects I shared:

  • 1 was identified as someone he could contact and refer
  • 3 were unknown
  • 6 were identified as people he would not recommend for his openings

That means he now has a strong potential candidate to fill an urgent requisition. The recruiters had not found this person but Referable had, in part with thanks to AI providing profile enrichment but also as a normal part of the thorough Referable process. 

Referable is taking Fortune-100 recruitment best practices to the masses

While 6 rejections is higher than average (45% normally), this is a small sample set and the important take away for the recruiting team is that these 6 people would have been “false positives” if they were approached. They look good on paper and would probably interview well, but the hiring manager himself would have rejected them.

Given the high level of rejection we should track this manager over time to see how he compares to other hiring managers, and consider quality of hire, ability to fill roles, and other criteria.

For now though, we can consider these ‘rejections’ as valuable intelligence for the recruiting team, that helps them avoid wasting time and to be more efficient. 

On the plus side, you can easily see how this can be scaled to identify talent for other roles and across all employees. 

Some other recent examples of how easy Referable is to use:

Services Head, Tech Vendor

Before I had even completed my instructions on how to use the app, there was a reply “Done” from this hiring manager. In less then a minute he had already gone through the 9 prospects that were short listed, and identified:

  • 2 that he can immediately approach for referral
  • 3 that he does not know well enough, but strongly recommends the recruiting team to approach
  • 4 that were not to be considered – those false positives the recruiting team can ignore

Similarly this is Day One for this manager. It will be exciting to see how things progress!

Consulting Manager, Tech Vendor

The recruiter shared a shortlist of just a few prospects to just three employees to see how Referable works. Within the hour the dashboard has shifted from 0 activity to:

  • 2 referrals
  • 5 recommendations 

Again, this was a great start for the team and once this company unfreezes their hiring, you can see how this kind of candidate mapping and collaboration can scale to the other 200 employees. 

To learn more about how candidate maps help, readers can visit another post I made here: ‘What is the point in candidate mapping?

We now know of two global tech (both Fortune-100) companies that developed their own candidate mapping and matching system for in-house use. What Referable is doing is mapping, adding AI for profile enrichment and matching, and providing management features that make it easy to handle large scale data. In that sense Referable is taking Fortune-100 recruitment best practices to the masses. 

Come take a look!

Referable AI has been developed by a team experienced in executive search, RPO, in-house recruiting and HR tech to help both in-house and agency recruiters to solicit more referrals faster than ever. If you would like to learn more, drop us a line at hello(at)referable.ai

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