Make or Break: Unleashing the Power of Candidate Mapping and Referrals

In the ever-changing landscape of talent acquisition, the pursuit of exceptional talent is an endless quest. These individuals are not just employees; they’re the catalysts that redefine your company’s trajectory. With two decades of experience as a technology recruiter, I’d like to share a couple of stories of past colleagues that illustrate the distinction between the ordinary and the extraordinary; the employee and the MVP. Moreover, we’ll delve into how Referable, an innovative platform for candidate mapping and referrals, can be your guiding star to map out and go after this rarified category of talent.

The Megabank Marvel

Picture this scenario: A Japanese megabank, despite software company VMware having a foothold, primarily relies on a competitor’s solution for its mission-critical applications. Then, disaster strikes – the competitor’s system crashes. In response, VMware’s team springs into action, going above and beyond to resolve the crisis. They even fly in technical experts from Ireland, with some team members camping out in the datacenter for days. I recall seeing their faces as they returned to the office one night, exhausted but proud to have achieved the seemingly unachievable. Their values align seamlessly with a customer-first approach, and their dedication knows no bounds.

The result? The megabank was so impressed by VMware’s unwavering commitment that they adopt the solution company-wide, toppling the competition. In one fell swoop, and on the back of near disaster, what I estimate to have been a $2 million account morphed into a $20 million account. This story is a testament to what MVP quality talent represents and the transformative potential it holds. If you can identify, attract, and retain such individuals, you’re poised for unbelievable success.

The Art of Attracting Big Fish

Yet, luring top talent is no walk in the park, especially when specific individuals are in your sights. During my tenure at VMware, the Sales VP, entrusted me with a critical task: attracting a particular candidate. Armed with the candidate’s phone number, I made the call. Although he wasn’t ready to make a move at that moment, I’d like to think that I planted the seed of interest. Fast forward 12 months, and he was onboard.

Sometimes, landing the big fish requires patience and persistence. The fish doesn’t know your strategy, but as long as they see your unwavering commitment and recognize you as a viable option, you might just reel them in. I distinctly recall a moment at quarterly drinks with this hire, where he gazed at his team and remarked, “This is the best, most talented group of engineers I’ve ever worked with.” Given that he had built the team, it was a testament to the power of exceptional talent.

Don’t just hire ’employees’; invest in the champions that can elevate your business to new heights. These people are known to your team and with the right mapping and collaboration tools you can find them. 

Unveiling the Hardware Startup Hero

Now, let’s delve into the story of another hero—one whose journey took them from VMware to a hardware startup amidst explosive growth.

In this startup, the demand for their solutions surged, outpacing their ability to ensure the necessary quality. This issue hit the datacenter of one of Japan’s largest service providers, a customer deeply committed to the startup’s new converged infrastructure technology.

The stakes were sky-high, with mission-critical applications at risk. Stepping into this pressure cooker was our protagonist, Japan’s top expert. Known for their expertise and breadth of skills, they dedicated six relentless months to resolving the challenges, slogging tirelessly through long days and nights to ensure seamless operations.

Their commitment and expertise proved pivotal, ensuring a positive outcome. This individual became the linchpin that balanced everything, steering the ship through challenging waters. This kind of talent quite literally makes or breaks a business.

Discovering Exceptional Talent with Referable

These stories, whether it’s the VMware megabank marvel or the hardware startup hero, underscore the transformative potential of mission-critical talent. But how do you find such individuals who can make or break pivotal moments?

This is where Referable steps in as your guide in talent acquisition. Here’s how talent mapping with Referable can play a pivotal role:

  • Quality Profile Data: Referable leverages advanced AI to refine profile data, ensuring precision and reliability in candidate information.

  • Employee Collaboration: The platform utilizes AI to match candidates with employees who have a history of working alongside them, making the feedback process quick and simple, conserving time and boosting engagement rates.

  • Screening Questions: Referable’s AI feature assesses gaps between the job description and the resume to prompt collaborators with the questions that need answering. 

  • Fit Assessment: Referable empowers recruiters to pinpoint the ideal candidates for open roles, minimizing uncertainty and elevating the likelihood of successful hires.

In the fiercely competitive realm of talent acquisition, unearthing talent that can turn pivotal moments into triumphs is essential. Referable becomes your ally, helping you identify and attract these extraordinary individuals who can steer your business toward greatness.

In conclusion, these stories underscore the impact of top-tier talent. Referable is your secret weapon for identifying and attracting these exceptional individuals who can transform your business and ensure that everyone who works with them reaps the rewards of their brilliance. Don’t just hire ’employees’; invest in the champions that can elevate your business to new heights. These people are known to your team and with the right mapping and collaboration tools you can find them. 

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